Wooden Floor Cleaning

wood Floor Cleaning

What We Do?

Our professional wooden floor cleaning service includes deep cleaning, sealing, and polishing of wooden floors using professional grade equipment and products. From our base in Rathcoole, we provide wooden floor cleaning services to Dublin and surrounding areas where we can help restore the beauty and appearance of your wooden floors.

Watch the video on this page to get an insight into how we professionally clean prised wooden floors.
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We are a Dublin-based restorative floor cleaning company that specialises in cleaning and restoring all types of floors - from Victorian tile to marble, granite, flagstone, and hardwood. We use state-of-the-art equipment and products that are safe for the environment and asthmatic safe. Our staff are highly trained, experienced, and courteous, and are ready to tackle the toughest of floor cleaning jobs. Get in touch to find out more about our services and to see first-hand the difference we can make.

Deep Clean Your Wooden Floor

The only way to properly maintain the finish of your wooden floor is through periodical deep cleans. A build up of dirt on unclean wooden floors acts like a fine sandpaper which gradually abrades the finish. It causes premature wear which may lead to a costly repair job. Although a good vacuuming is one of the best ways to preserve your floor, it will never be able to remove dirt that has been ground into the floor's surface.



Hotel and Restaurant Floor Cleaning

The high traffic that goes through many restaurants, pubs, and hotels can cause havoc for wooden floors. If not properly cleaned and cared for, the constant stream of traffic causes dirt to abrade its surface. Our company has been providing Dublin-based businesses deep-cleaning floor services for more than a decade that help keep your wooden floor cleaner for longer, and preventing premature wear.

Floor Excellence Is Our Habit


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